My rate for comprehensive editing is $45/hour. Most of the full-length manuscripts I work on are 80,000-95,000 words and require 35-45 hours to finish. For manuscripts longer than 100K, we can negotiate a reasonable fee for both parties.

The fee includes fixes in grammar, style, continuity,┬áspelling, punctuation, redundancy, as well as intensive fact-checking and rephrasing of awkward/unclear sentences. I’d also point out any structural, big-picture issues and suggest ways to resolve them. If requested, I can edit up to three sample pages for free before you commit.

Developmental editing, which focuses more on structural issues, characters, plot, and the overall picture, is also available at $40/hour.

Once we agree to work together, a deposit of fifty percent of the estimated total cost is required to hold your slot in my schedule, with the remainder due upon the job’s completion.

If you need to cancel a job, it must be done with at least two weeks’ notice before the job’s start date for a full refund of the deposit. Otherwise, only fifty percent of the deposit will be returned because I have to turn away work while the slot is held and may not be able to fill the opening at the last minute.

If you’re ready to move forward or have any questions, please contact me by using this form.